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What is Travel Fitness Coaching Companion Guide? 

While traveling it’s incredibly easy to hit a few road bumps in the health and fitness area. We’re eating unhealthy foods, not in our normal routines, sometimes we don’t have access to a gym or even time to workout. All of this can lead to feeling bloated, sick, and rather unhappy when we return home. 


What’s Included?  

Travel Fitness Coaching is designed to help the frequent traveler stay fit and healthy on the road! This course is delivered over four days and includes in-depth videos on packing for fitness success on the road, how to fit in and execute effective workouts, nutrition guidance, and creating a strong mindset to support our healthy travel habits. You’ll even find a bonus workout video! 



How Do I Get it? 

Good questions! Simply enter your name and email in the above sign-up form or click the link below. There’s no need to enter payment info as the Travel Fitness Coaching Companion guide is FREE!

Once you enter your info you’ll be prompted to confirm your subscription. You’ll then receive a welcome email and the first lesson will follow shortly! Each lesson will contain a link to the video for that day’s lesson. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and listen! 



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