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What is it? 

Fit Trips is a one stop shop for all of your fitness needs while on the road!

After spending a considerable amount of time traveling across the Untied States, Southeast Asia, and Europe I have encountered a variety of situations that have tested my abilities to stay fit on the road. I’ve run into the “Oh I’ll workout this morning, well this afternoon, hmmm maybe after dinner, ok tomorrow” situation, the “I’m not sure what to do” situation, and the “I don’t want to workout” situation. 

I’m sure we can all agree that maintaining our fitness levels while traveling isn’t easy. I believe this comes down to two different reasons:

  1. The vacation mentality
  2. Disruption of our habit loop


1. The Vacation Mentality

The vacation mentality is a simple concept. It’s, “I’m on vacation so I’m going to eat and drink with reckless abandon, and forget about working out”. 

This mentality works for some, but if you’re not careful it can set your hard work in the kitchen and gym back by weeks or even months. With this mentality we can easily end up leaving our destination in a pair of stretchy pants rather than our favorite pair of skinny jeans. 


2. Disruption of Our Habit Loop

Whether we realize it or not, our habit loop drives many of our actions. Are you someone who get’s up and heads straight to the gym in the morning, or has go to healthy meals you end up eating a few on a regular basis? Chances are you didn’t wake up one day and have this habit formed. It probably took repeating this action over and over again before it became automated. 

The disruption of our habit loop while on vacation can wreck havoc on our fitness and nutrition routines while on the road even if we have the best intentions to workout per the usual and eat healthy. 


Our habit loop works like this:

  • cue, routine, reward. 


Our routine at home may look like this: 

  • Cue: alarm goes off; routine: put on workout clothes and head to the gym; reward: feel energized and ready for the day.


While on vacation the routine may look like this instead: 

  • Cue: non existent because alarms are banned while on vacation; routine: let’s go to breakfast instead; reward: feeling pretty content with that delicious pile of pancakes and bacon, let’s get a drink by the pool. 


So, as we can see, the habits we’ve formed pretty much don’t exist while on vacation which means that even with our best intentions workouts may not happen.   


What’s Included?

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  • Coaching calls are important for figuring out what style of training you are looking for, where you current fitness levels are as well as when exercise will fit best into your busy schedule. During this time we’ll also talk about packing, in-flight meals, snacks, eating out, and much more!


  • My signature 41″ loop band set will ensure that you have the necessary equipment for fitness success on the road! These bands are small and easy to pack in your luggage. The full set comes with: 
    • 2 – 41 inch loop bands: 10-35 pounds and 30-50 pounds 
    • 2 sturdy handles with easy to use carabineer clip attachments 
    • 1 door anchor – use this anchor to turn your door into a cable machine 
    • 1 anywhere anchor – use this anchor to securely attach your bands to a tree or pole. This is great for exercising outside! 
    • 1 extra carabineer clip 
    • 1 bag for easy transportation 


  • Customized workouts are the perfect way to keep you on track! These workouts are designed to ramp up your metabolism so that your body will keep up the calorie burn way after the initial workout! They are also tailored to you – what equipment you have available, your interests, and how much time you have for exercise. Workouts will be delivered straight to your inbox via video and PDF the morning of your scheduled workout. Why four workouts? I chose four workouts because it’s a great number for those who are traveling for a few days as well as those traveling for a few weeks. If you’re traveling for a few weeks you can easily rotate the four workouts to keep up the calorie burn and variety. Otherwise we can always add in a few more exercises! 


  • Accountability emails will also help keep you on track, and will be included in your workout emails. This is also a great time to send me any questions that have come up during your trip.


  • Skype personal training is a great way to get in one-on-one training while you’re away. This type of training will keep you accountable and will allow for even more customization. Sessions will be 3o mins, and will include a 20 minute workout and 10 minutes of coaching. 


  • Fitness research – Don’t have time to research nearby yoga studios, gyms, or classes? No worries! I’ll take over the legwork for you, and even schedule classes!


  • Accountability via text, email, Whatsapp, or Skype is the easiest way to stay on track. Plus the type and level of accountability is up to you! 


  • If you struggle with choosing healthier entrees on the menu, or know what to order but choose pizza instead then custom nutrition guidance is for you. If you have a dinner coming up and want some help, just send me the menu and I’ll take a look! 


What can you expect from coaching? 

You will return home from your travels feeling great about your fitness levels!

You won’t feel like you lost momentum or like your fitness levels have dropped.

You won’t harbor that feeling of guilt for missing workouts. 

You won’t be left feeling confused about how to workout while traveling aka hotel gym syndrome.

You will learn new techniques for maintaining your fitness levels while traveling, and will be able to apply these techniques to future travels. 

You will be kept accountable while on the road. No more packing workout clothes, and exercise equipment with good intentions, but never touching anything you brought. 



Who is the program for?

 Someone who believes maintaining fitness levels while traveling is important

 Someone who needs help with accountability while traveling 

 Someone who is going to be too busy to come up with a workout plan and stick to it

 Someone who thinks “if only I would actually exercise while I’m traveling!”

 Someone who intends on working out in the morning…then the afternoon….then after dinner…well how about tomorrow?

 Someone who is confused about how to workout while traveling 

 Someone who doesn’t want to stress about where/when/how to workout 

 Someone who doesn’t want their amazing vacation to be overshadowed by weight gain and feeling bloated

 Someone who is looking forward to their family vacation, but dreading fitting in physical activity

 Someone who is traveling for business or pleasure 



Who is the program not for? 

 Someone who has no intention of working out while traveling – it’s ok!
 Someone who has a game plan and will stick to it



How’s this program delivered? 

Depending on the type of coaching you choose, this program will be delivered via email, Skype, text and/or Whatsapp. Upon purchase, you will be rerouted to a Thank You page. Shortly after purchase you will receive a Welcome email and survey about your upcoming trip from me. We will then set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs, likes, dislikes, nutrition, packing, and much more! 



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